Tuesday, August 31, 2010


So clearly I Fail (with a capital F) at writing everyday. There has just been so much going on, it has been hard to find time to sit and actually gather my thoughts in some real assemblance of coherency- and lets be honest, I'm not completely convinced that ever happens.

I have so many pictures to post:
Katie&Alex's wedding
Megan&Warren's wedding
both styled shoots with Kara
my trips back home to Chicago
Stephanie&Abhi's engagement
and a mini shoot with my little sister Gracie!

Clearly I need to get my head on straight and be more productive. I think it's because my work desk, for the most part, is my bed. It's hard to be in a "ok hannah buckle down and churn this work out" mindset when the bed lends itself so nicely to a "ooo lets lay back and be cozy and surf the internet for cute things& then maybe we'll close our eyes and rest a bit" mindset. Wouldn't ya know it- those are two VERY different ways of working.

And I have so many non photo related things to share also. My favorite thing that has been happening recently is a reconnection with an old and very dear friend. Miss Kamarie Baergan. She and I have known eachother since we were young& impressionable high school freshman and used to celebrate our birthdays together since they are but a day apart. (One of my fondest memories is shoving cake in each others faces at our "super cool" 16th birthday- & for some reason I recall us wearing mens ties for the occasion?) Through the course of life and what have you, we grew distant as people do when they grow up. But the exciting thing is that over the past few months we have reconnected wonderfully. She is a wonderful artist& such a special person. I am just so thrilled to have her back in my life. We started a little thing we like to call Artmail- it's like email and snail mail only better. We make fun little art things and just mail them back and forth(as the name would lead you to assume). She lives in Nashville creating wonderful things and drinking lots of warm beverages and just leading a very cute life. It's so amazing when someone is brought back into your life just as you were needing them and didn't even know it. She has been a huge inspiration for me creatively just precisely when I was in need. (check out her website&bicycle blog- too cute!)

I should probably get back to editing/getting pics ready to post- here is one of my favorites from Steph&Abhi's engagement session in San Francisco!

Here is one of Gracie that I just love: 

Lots more to come I promise, Ill try to do a few photo posts this week!

- H. 

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Things I Love.

None of these are photos that I have taken.
Just things that inspire me, and that I love.

I need the beach. 
I want their dresses

can I be her please?

mmm warm tones

who doesnt want a bed in a tree?

ahhhh there is little I adore more than cameras, not to mention FILM cameras

those who know me, know I would DIE to have a wildcat pet

just lovely

doesnt it just feel so cozy?

books, books, books. how I love thee. (always taking new recommendations!)

vintage lovelies

Photos from my trip home to Chicago coming soon! And I have a WONDERFUL shoot planned for tomorrow night, different than Ive done before too, I couldnt be more excited!

Read this today...

"I will know you well,
but you won't know me at all.

My little secret trick to life is that I'll ask a lot of questions.
I try to break down that wall and figure out who you are.
But it's common for people not to know much about me,
either because they don't care to ask
or because I've kept them too busy talking about themselves.

I know that people love to talk about themselves.
That's how I've gotten hired at all my jobs.
In interviews, I get the interviewer to talk about their life
and their vacations to Greece and such.
So they think they love me, but really,
they just love themselves."

And it is completely true. Its a great approach to life in general I have found. 


Be gracious,
yet ignore the compliments.

It's the
constructive criticism
that gets you places.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Model: Melanie Hutton

Melanie is a wonderful makeup artist that I met through my CL posting about looking for people to work with. We decided to collaborate on several projects, and so a few weeks ago I shot her over in Old Folsom and the sun was just beautiful, and created lots of lovely colors and light for us.

The feet with the glitter on them are going to be a part of a series that I have in the works... Something to do with how unglittery I actually am, so its my version of all the superficially sparkly things that have consumed a lot of our culture. More to come on that later. 

I have so many fun things to share with you all, so many neat new things... and I promise I will get to it this week!